Light boosting elixir

Complexe Royal regenerates and moisturises, while fighting the signs of aging and brightening the complexion.

This gorgeous finishing serum is rich in Royal Jelly and Silk extracts. It stimulates the epidermal functions to improve the firmness and elasticity of your skin. Your skin is protected and glowing with youth and health.

Complexe Royal can be used in combination with Renovateur 14. To do so we recommend layering the serums as instructed below;

-To obtain a golden, dewy, bright complexion: apply Rénovateur 14 followed by Complexe Royal on top.

-To obtain a matte, clear, bright complexion: apply Complexe Royal followed by Rénovateur 14 on top.

Suitable for devitalised and mature skin


-Regenerating agents: Royal Jelly, Silk Extract, Cucumber Extract

-Antioxidant agents: Witch Hazel and St. John’s Wort extracts

-Detoxifying Agent: Yeast Extract

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