Body Glove

The glove Gant de Massage Corps is an indispensable accessory used to enhance the penetration of active ingredients and target areas of cellulite. Composed of two sides, this malleable silicone glove is used to massage all areas of the body. The dual sided glove can be used in two ways;

  • Use the soft side (flat, thick spikes) to lightly massage your Lotion P50 Corps, Body Oils or Creams into the skin to improve their effectiveness and penetration, to stimulate the skin tissues and brighten the complexion.
  • Use the hard side (Fine, long spikes) in conjunction with your Body Oils or Creams to massage areas of stubborn cellulite to stimulate micro circulation and help eliminate fatty deposits. Do not use the hard side on areas effected by varicose veins.

Directions for use: Apply the chosen product by hand on all areas to be treated. Massage the skin with ascending circular motions, using the glove. Washable after each use. Made of Silicone.

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