Oligo-Protéines Marines

Energizing and revitalizing serum for the face


Oligo-Protéines Marines serum is an energizing and SOS treatment formulated to revitalize the skin of smokers, which tends to become stressed, dull and asphyxiated. This concentrate of marine ingredients will inject new energy into the skin and bring out a more radiant complexion. It’s also ideal for treating dark circles around the eyes, to give a more rested and bright-eyed look.

Recommended for stressed, dull and blemished Skin Instants© that lack vitality. Ideal for the asphyxiated Skin Instants© of smokers

This serum:

  •  Energizes and revives the skin’s natural
  •  Stimulates skin cells
  • Brightens and unifies the complexion
  • Reduces dark circles and bags under
    the eyes

Active Ingredient:

Algae Extract concentrate (Laminaria)


Apply 1 ml of the serum to a cleaned skin over the face, neck and décolleté.
Perform a light ascending massage until the product has completely

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