Youth elixir


Sérum Grand Millésime is a powerful moisturizing, regenerating and smoothing elixir of youth which helps repair the effects of time. This antioxidant serum protects against free radicals and brightens the complexion. Thanks to its moisturizing properties, fine lines are diminished and the upper layers of the epidermis is plumped and hydrated. Recommended for tired Skin Instants showing the first signs of ageing. Apply as your final skincare step.

Recommended for Skin Instants© showing the first signs of cutaneous ageing.all skin showing first signs of ageing

Application – Apply over full face, neck & décollete. You can apply either after your quintessential serums or after you moisturizer.



Revitalizing- Mimosa Extract, Hamamelis extract, millepertuis

Reconditioning –  Niacinamide, Levure extract

Moisturizing – Hyaluronic Acid, Rhizobium, Cucumber Extract, Silk Extract, Lactic acid

Anti-oxidants – Cider vinegar, Myrrh , myrtle , Onion

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